The start of our journey…….

Image 3
Tuesday 25th February 2014 and we have just received the keys to 35 North Road. For those who may have seen the post on Facebook this was the moment when our dream started to become a reality – the dream of one day opening a gallery in the heart of the city that we love. It’s both exciting and terrifying in equal measure but as my friend Jo says “If you don’t do it, you’ll never know what would’ve happened if you had done it! After all, what’s the worst that can happen?” So with these words ringing in our ears we will be putting our hearts and souls into bringing 35 North Contemporary Fine Art to life………..
We have never blogged before (so we’ll be very much feeling our way) but neither have we ever taken on a project of this magnitude so we thought a blog might be a good way for us to chart this exciting process and share it with our family, friends and beyond.
At this stage our posts will be slightly retrospective as things have been moving so fast that we are a little late in getting this whole blog thing started but hopefully we’ll soon catch up……



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