End of an era

While 35 North will be our very first experience of gallery ownership we, or rather John, has been showing his work for over 20 years now. His first exhibition was as part of a group show at Wattis Fine Art in Hong Kong in 1993. The gallery was pretty new at the time and it’s great to see that it is still going strong http://www.wattis.com.hk

When we moved to Sydney the Fred Fink Gallery offered John his first one man show – Google tells me that there is still a Fred Fink Gallery in Lavender Bay, Sydney but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of a website…..I would really love to know what Fred is up to, he was a real character and a painter himself and the private view was a riot!

Since moving to Brighton exhibitions have been held at home as part of the Fiveways Artists Group, initially under the umbrella of the Brighton Festival and latterly as part of the Artists Open Houses Festival. We have opened the house to the public every May (well apart from last May when we had a year off!) since 1999 often sharing the house with really talented guest artists. Its been amazing to meet the extraordinary variety of visitors who have come though our doors. I have loved catching up with the people who come back year after year so it is with mixed feelings that we have decided that this year will be our last. Once 35 North opens, exhibitions will be held there so here’s a pic of us at the start of the very last Private View at our home……………
Image 3



  1. Reading the blog, your last private view doesn’t sound like the end of an era, though – much more like the natural next step! I know you will be able to capture all the excitement of an open house even on a daily basis, party girl, and I#m really excited aout the work you’ll be able to show. Loved all John’s paintings btw but Sospiri is my absolute favourite!!!

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