Life at 35 North……

Its hard to believe that after all the anticipation, the launch party, the open day etc, 35 North Contemporary Fine Art is now up and running! Feedback has been amazing and I love talking to all the different people who wander in throughout the day. Our programme of exhibitions is taking shape and we are now booked through to the end of 2015! Its going to be an exciting year with painters, print makers, photographers and sculptors all lined up to show their work. Our current exhibition, Images of Brighton, features John Whiting’s hugely evocative paintings of this beautiful city (I’m going to call it a city even though one very fierce visitor last week told me that in her opinion it wasn’t city and it wasn’t beautiful – each to their own I guess!) The exhibition runs until Saturday October 11th and the gallery is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

IMG_3672 IMG_3657 IMG_3717 IMG_3645


  1. looks great Sharon…can’t wait to come and see it. Maybe next week in between setting up for the art fair. Are you going to pop down? I have an idea for you. Fxx

    1. Hi Fran, would be lovely if you could pop in next week. John and I are planning to come to the art fair either Friday evening or Sunday during the day. Curious to know what your idea is………xx

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