A tale of two prizes!

John and I took a fairly last minute decision to go up to London this weekend. The main aim was to see the Late Turner exhibition at Tate Britain – it was absolutely as amazing as we’d hoped it would be and John is planning to go again on a day when he doesn’t have to battle with the crowds. While we were at the Tate we thought we’d have a look at the Turner Prize……..with the knowledge that this particular prize has always courted controversy I was curious to see what would be on offer. I have to say that I didn’t love all of it (in fact there was only one piece that I really enjoyed) and comments on the board outside suggested that I wasn’t the only one:

Image 16 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10  Image 13

So the Turner Prize provokes reaction if nothing else but I came away feeling that I’d been short changed in some way and the #turnerprize Twitter feed makes interesting reading with comments from the great and the good of the art world confirming that many of them felt the same way.

In complete contrast we stumbled upon something really exciting at the Mall Galleries, a place I had never been before. The Threadneedle Prize (http://www.threadneedleprize.com) for figurative work was full of thought provoking and beautifully executed pieces and I could have spent hours there. This exhibition was also free (The Turner Prize costs £10!) and there was the opportunity to vote for a ‘visitors favourite’ award – it was a really tough job to choose……… I’d really recommend this exhibition which closes on October 11th.

Image 19

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